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Reliable Shipping For A Connected World

Unity Express Logistics: A 3PL you can trust

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Seamless Shipping: Your Logistics Allies

Welcome to the Unity Express Logistics adventure, where we're not just coordinating shipments, but serving as your logistics allies.


Say goodbye to chaos and stress with our vetted carriers, ensuring a smooth and successful supply chain. Experience efficiency, reliability, and savings in one concise journey.

Ready to simplify your logistics?


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Client’s Testimonials
What People Say About Us


Unity Express is my go-to for shipping. Their reliability is unmatched, and their drivers are always on time and helpful. I've worked with them twice now and will continue to choose them for all my shipping needs. They're simply the best.



Unity Express gets it done. As a frequent shipper of construction supplies, I need reliability and competitive rates. They deliver on both fronts. Their drivers are always on time, and every customer matters to them. With Unity Express, I can trust that my supplies will arrive promptly, allowing me to focus on my projects without worry. Thanks for being such a reliable partner!


Crafting Your Logistics Story: Explore Our Services

Our Services


Journey of Precision:

Truckload Excellence

Experience a seamless journey for your cargo with Unity Express Truckload service. From the first to the last mile, our Full Truckload (FTL) service exceeds expectations, providing an extraordinary logistics experience.


Time Mastery:

Expedited Excellence

Explore expedited journeys with Unity Express Logistics. Our expertise ensures reliable, secure door-to-door deliveries for leading U.S. companies. Trust us for extraordinary shipments where time meets reliability.



Savings Symphony: 

Partial Excellence

Experience savings in a world without unnecessary costs. Unity Express Logistics offers efficient partial shipment services where your freight is carried with care, ensuring your cargo's needs are met without breaking the bank.


Get in touch with us today and receive a personalized quote that caters to all your shipping and cargo requirements!

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